11 A.M.
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Release Date Nov. 28, 2013
Running Time 99 min.
Directed by Kim Hyun-seok
Producer(s) Lee Jung-seob

Lee Han-seung

Written by Lee Seung-hwan
Starring Jung Jae-young

Kim Ok-bin
Choi Daniel

Music by Lee Byung-hoon
Cinematography by Hwang Ki-seok
Edited by Kim Sang-bum

Kim Jae-bum

Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Language Korean
Country South Korea
Box Office $5.7 million USD

11 A.M. is a 2013 South Korean thriller film directed by Kim Hyun-seok and written by Lee Seung-hwan. It stars Jung Jae-young, Kim Ok-bin, and Choi Daniel.


The Time TravelersEdit

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  • Fixing the past

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