12-01 dvd cover
DVD cover
Release Date July 5, 1993
Running Time 92 min.
Directed by Jack Sholder
Producer(s) Robert John Degus

Jonathan Heap
Cindy Hornickel
Aaron Meyerson

Written by Richard Lupoff

Jonathan Heap
Philip Morton

Screenplay by Danny Rubin

Harold Ramis

Based on 12:01 PM

by Richard Lupoff
12:01 PM (1990 film)

Starring Jonathan Silverman

Helen Slater
Jeremy Piven
Martin Landau

Music by Peter Rodgers Melnick (Theme)
Cinematography by Anghel Decca
Production Company New Line Cinema

Chanticleer Films

Language English
Country United States
12:01 is a 1993 made-for-TV film directed by Jack Sholder and written by Richard Lupoff, Jonathan Heap, and Philip Morton. It was based on Lupoff's short story, 12:01 PM, originally published in the December 1973 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  It stars Jonathan Silverman, Helen Slater, Jeremy Piven, and Martin Landau. A previous adaptation, 12:01 PM, was released three years earlier.

It premiered on the Fox Network and was later released on DVD on Nov. 28, 2006.


The Time Travelers Edit

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  • Time loops
  • Classified government programs

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