12:01 PM
Release Date 1990
Running Time 25 min.
Directed by Jonathan Heap
Producer(s) Teresa E. Kounin
Written by Richard A. Lupoff

Stephen Tolkin
Jonathan Heap

Based on 12:01 PM

by Richard Lupoff

Starring Kurtwood Smith

Laura Harrington
Don Amendolia
Jane Alden

Music by Stephen Melillo
Cinematography by Charlie Lieberman
Edited by Hubert de la Bouillerie
Production Company New Line Cinema

Chanticleer Films

Language English
Country United States
Adaptations 12:01 (1993 film)
12:01 PM is a 1990 short film directed by Jonathan Heap and written by Richard Lupoff, Jonathan Heap, and Stephen Tolkin. It was based on Lupoff's short story, 12:01 PM, originally published in the December 1973 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  It stars Kurtwood Smith, Laura Harrington, Don Amendolia, and Jane Alden.

It premiered as part of the Showtime 30-Minute Movie anthology series and was later nominated for an Academy Award. A feature length adaptation, 12:01, was released in 1993.


The Time Travelers Edit

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  • Time loops
  • Classified government programs

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