Fetching Cody
FetchingCody poster
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Release Date Feb. 24, 2006 (U.S.)
Running Time 86 minutes
Directed by David Ray
Producer(s) Carolyn Allain

Christina Bulbrook
David Ray

Written by David Ray

Carolyn Allain (story)

Starring Jay Baruchel

Sarah Lind
Jim Byrnes

Music by Phillip Western
Cinematography by Paul Mitchnick
Edited by Karen Porter
Production Company Cheap and Dirty Productions
Distributed by Panorama Entertainment
Language English
Country Canada
Budget $1.5 million
Fetching Cody is a 2005 Canadian drama film written and directed by David Ray. It stars Jay Baruchel and Sarah Lind.


The Time Travelers Edit

The character Art Frankel (played by Jay Baruchel) uses a time machine to save his girlfriend Cody from a drug overdose.

Photo Time Traveler Played by
ArtFrankel2 Art Frankel Jay Baruchel

Method of Travel Edit

Art Frankel's time machine was found by his homeless friend and looks like a lounge chair with outdoor Christmas lights.

Tropes Edit

  • Fixing the past

Time Travel TheoriesEdit

Time DiagramEdit

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Trailers Edit

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