Frequency film
Theatrical release poster
Release Date April 28, 2000
Running Time 118 minutes
Directed by Gregory Hoblit
Producer(s) Gregory Hoblit

Hawk Koch
Toby Emmerich
Bill Carraro

Written by Toby Emmerich
Starring Dennis Quaid

Jim Caviezel
Andre Braugher
Elizabeth Mitchell
Noah Emmerich
Shawn Doyle

Music by Michael Kamen
Edited by David Rosenbloom
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Language English
Country United States
Budget $31 million
Box Office $68.1 million
Frequency is a 2000 American thriller film directed by Gregory Hoblit and written by Toby Emmerich. It stars  Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as father and son.


The character John Sullivan (played by Jim Caviezel) is a homicide detective who finds his father's ham radio in the house in which he's lived his whole life. Thanks to a solar flare that makes the aurora borealis visible in New York, he is able to communicate with his firefighter father, Frank Sullivan (played by Dennis Quaid), to solve a cold case.

The Time Travelers Edit

Photo Time Traveler Played by
JohnSullivan2 John Sullivan Jim Caviezel
FrankSullivan2 Frank Sullivan Dennis Quaid
JuliaSullivan2 Julia 'Jules' Sullivan Elizabeth Mitchell
Gordo Hersch2 Gordo Hersch Stephen Joffe

Tropes Edit

Time Travel TheoriesEdit

  • Fixing the past
  • Solving crimes

Time DiagramEdit

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File:Frequency (2000) - Open-ended Trailer