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Original Release Sept. 25, 2006 – Feb. 8, 2010
Original Channel NBC
No. of Seasons 4
No. of Episodes 77
Running Time 42 min.
Created by Tim Kring
Starring David Anders

Kristen Bell
Santiago Cabrera
Jack Coleman
Tawny Cypress
Jimmy Jean-Louis
Dana Davis
Noah Gray-Cabey
Greg Grunberg
Robert Knepper
Ali Larter
James Kyson Lee
Masi Oka
Hayden Panettiere
Adrian Pasdar
Zachary Quinto
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Dania Ramirez
Leonard Roberts
Cristine Rose
Milo Ventimiglia

Executive Producer(s) Tim Kring

Dennis Hammer
Allan Arkush
Greg Beeman

Music by Wendy Melvoin

Lisa Coleman

Production Company Tailwind Productions

NBC Universal Television Studio (2006-2007)
Universal Media Studios (2007-2010)

Distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Language English
Country United States
Preceded by Heroes Reborn miniseries
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The Time TravelersEdit

The character Hiro Nakamura (played by Masi Oka) is an office worker who can manipulate space-time. Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia) absorbs the powers of those around him, which accidentally sends him and his love interest, Caitlin (played by Katie Carr), into the future sometime after meeting Hiro.

Photo Time Traveler Played by
Hiro Nakamura2 Hiro Nakamura Masi Oka
Peter Petrelli Peter Petrelli Milo Ventimiglia
Caitlin Caitlin Katie Carr

Tropes Edit

  • Dystopian future
  • Saving the world
  • Genetics
  • Classified government program

Notable QuotesEdit

"Save the cheerleader, save the world!" -- Hiro Nakamura

Time Travel TheoriesEdit

Time DiagramEdit

Popular CultureEdit