Lost poster
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Original Release Sept. 22, 2004 – May 23, 2010
Original Channel ABC
No. of Seasons 6
No. of Episodes 121
Running Time 40–48 min.
Created by Jeffrey Lieber

J.J. Abrams
Damon Lindelof

Writer(s) Damon Lindelof (45 episodes)

Carlton Cuse (39 episodes)
Edward Kitsis (21 episodes)
Adam Horowitz (21 episodes)
Elizabeth Sarnoff (19 episodes)
and others

Starring Matthew Fox

Evangeline Lilly
Jorge Garcia
Josh Holloway
Terry O'Quinn
Naveen Andrews
Daniel Dae Kim
Yunjin Kim
Emilie de Ravin
Dominic Monaghan
Michael Emerson
Elizabeth Mitchell
Harold Perrineau
Henry Ian Cusick
Ken Leung
Malcolm David Kelley
Maggie Grace
Nestor Carbonell
Jeff Fahey
Ian Somerhalder
Sam Anderson
L. Scott Caldwell
Michelle Rodriguez
Jeremy Davies
Cynthia Watros
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Rebecca Mader
John Terry
François Chau
Zuleikha Robinson
Sonya Walger
Fionnula Flanagan
Kiele Sanchez
Rodrigo Santoro

Executive Producer(s) J.J. Abrams

Damon Lindelof
Bryan Burk
Carlton Cuse
Jack Bender
Jeff Pinkner (season 3)
Stephen Williams (seasons 4–5)
Edward Kitsis (seasons 5–6)
Adam Horowitz (seasons 5–6)
Jean Higgins (season 6)
Elizabeth Sarnoff (season 6)

Music by Michael Giacchino
Production Company Bad Robot Productions

ABC Studios (as Touchstone Television 2004–2007)

Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

Language English
Country United States
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Lost TV Review - Season 5 Video Review00:00

Lost TV Review - Season 5 Video Review

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