2015 release poster
Release Date March 3, 2015
Running Time 83 minutes
Directed by Christopher Leone
Written by Laura Harkcom (story)

Christopher Leone (story)

Screenplay by Christopher Leone
Starring Mark Hapka

Jessica Rothe
Eric Jungmann
Constance Wu

Distributed by Zero Day Fox
Language English
Country United States

Parallels is a 2015 Ameircan adventure film by Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom. It stars Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann, and Constance Wu.

It was released in March 2015 on the Netflix streaming service.


The Time Travelers Edit

Photo Time Traveler Played by
RonanCarver Ronan Carver Mark Hapka
BeatrixCarver Beatrix Carver Jessica Rothe
Harry Harry Eric Jungmann
Polly Polly Constance Wu

Travel Method Edit

Tropes Edit

  • End of the world
  • Effort to destroy the time machine

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Time Travel TheoriesEdit

Time DiagramEdit

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