Project Almanac
Project Almanac poster
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Also called Cinema One

Welcome to Yesterday

Release Date Jan. 30, 2015
Running Time 106 minutes
Directed by Dean Israelite
Producer(s) Andrew Form

Bradley Fuller
Michael Bay

Written by Jason Harry Pagan

Andrew Deutschman

Starring Jonny Weston

Sofia Black D'Elia
Sam Lerner
Allen Evangelista
Virginia Gardner
Amy Landecker

Music by Matthew J. Lloyd
Edited by Julian Clarke

Martin Bernfeld

Production Company Insurge Pictures

Platinum Dunes
MTV Films

Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Language English
Country United States
Budget $12 million
Box Office $32.2 million
Project Almanac (formerly titled Cinema One, Almanac, and Welcome to Yesterday) is a 2015 American found footage thriller film directed by Dean Israelite and written by Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. It stars Jonny Weston, Sofia Black D'Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista, Virginia Gardner, and Amy Landecker.


The Time Travelers Edit

The character David Raskin (played by Jonny Weston) is a high school senior and an aspiring inventor recently admitted into MIT who finds his present self in a video of the past. He, his sister, Christina Raskin (played by Virginia Gardner), and friends, Adam Le (played by Allen Evangelista) and Quinn Goldberg (played by Sam Lerner) discover blueprints for a temporal relocation device developed by David's father for the U.S. military. They build the device and use the battery of the car of David's crush, Jessie Pierce (played by Sofia Black D'Elia) to travel in time. Pierce also goes with them.

Photo Time Traveler Played by
David Raskin2 David Raskin Jonny Weston
Christina Raskin2 Christina Raskin Virginia Gardner
Adam Le3 Adam Le Allen Evangelista
Quinn Goldberg Quinn Goldberg Sam Lerner
Jessie Pierce2 Jessie Pierce Sofia Black D'Elia

Tropes Edit

  • Classified government project
  • Fixing the past
  • Gambling

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