Spin Winans
Image for the short film
Also called God is a DJ
Release Date Aug. 11, 2005
Running Time 8 minutes
Directed by Jamin Winans
Producer(s) Joe Sekiya
Written by Jamin Winans
Starring Raymond Andrew Bailey

Cesar Bejarano
Brandon Carrillo

Music by Jamin Winans
Edited by Jamin Winans
Language English
Country United States
Spin (also called God is a DJ) is a 2005 American short film written and directed by Jamin Winans. It stars Raymond Andrew Bailey, Cesar Bejarano, and Brandon Carrillo.

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A DJ falls from the sky and uses his turn table to rewind time and improve the fate of a group of people.

Tropes Edit

  • Fixing the past
  • Crime

Time Travel TheoriesEdit

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