X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men Days of Future Past poster
Theatrical release poster
Release Date May 22, 2014 (U.K.)

May 23, 2014 (U.S.)

Running Time 131 min.
Directed by Bryan Singer
Producer(s) Lauren Shuler Donner

Bryan Singer
Simon Kinberg
Hutch Parker

Written by Jane Goldman

Simon Kinberg
Matthew Vaughn

Screenplay by Simon Kinberg
Based on Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont and John Byrne
Starring Hugh Jackman

James McAvoy
Michael Fassbender
Jennifer Lawrence
Halle Berry
Anna Paquin
Ellen Page
Peter Dinklage
Ian McKellen
Patrick Stewart

Music by John Ottman
Cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by John Ottman
Production Company 20th Century Fox

Marvel Entertainment
TSG Entertainment
Bad Hat Harry Productions
The Donners' Company

Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Language English
Country United States
Budget $200 million
Box Office $748.1 million
Prequels X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: First Class

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X-Men: Days of Future Past is a 2014 American ensemble superhero film directed by Bryan Singer. Written by Simon Kinberg, the screenplay is inspired by the 1981 Uncanny X-Men storyline, Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont and John Byrne and involves the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics. Simon Kinberg wrote the screenplay from a story conceived by him, Matthew Vaughn, and Jane Goldman. The film stars an ensemble cast, including Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart.

It is the seventh installment of the X-Men film series and acts as a sequel to both 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011's X-Men: First Class. It is the highest-grossing film in the franchise, having earned over $748 million worldwide, making it the 6th highest grossing film of 2014. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Visual Effects.


Tropes Edit

  • Dystopian future
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Genetics
  • Security vs. Liberty

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File:X-Men Days Of Future Past (Trailer 1)
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